ORGANIC MANURE NITORGENOUS - Specific for the flowering

hinders the abnormal premature drop of fruitlets
100% natural seaweed

FEATURES: natural product with seaweed based extracts with a high biostimulating capacity. In bloom, sprayed on vegetation, favors the flowering and hinders the so-called "abnormal premature drop" of fruitlets in citrus fruits in particular, but also in all the plants of the garden and fruit.

HOW TO USE: dissolve in water and spray on the vegetation

DOSAGE: 3 spoonful (6 g approx.) x 1 liter of water

FREQUENCY: Iin pre-flowering stage, flowering, swelling of fruits

COMPOSITION, USE AND DOSAGE: download here the pdf
CITRUS INFORMATION: download here the pdf

- Bag g 30

Single-dose pack
Lockable cap
Liquid formulated


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