Hydro-soluble fertilizer NPK 16-5-10 + 3Mn and soil corrective

The only one with the acidifier against the most widespread deficiency

FEATURES: two-component product, it has been the most effective response to manganese deficiency for years. This problem, the cause of yellowing and leaf desiccation, is the most serious and widespread for cycad lovers. The cycads, to vegetate better, they need a sub-acid ph, hence the necessity of using the sulfur for an optimal absorption of manganese.

HOW TO USE: Pelleted Sulfur: spread into the ground and bury slightly. Soluble powder: dissolve in water or spread on land and irrigate

DOSAGE: Pot plants: water-soluble, 1 spoonful (about 10 g) x 5 liters of water. Pellet: 1 full spoon (18 g approx.) x 5 liters of soil. Plants in the ground: water-soluble, 1-2 spoonful (10-20 g approx.) x plant, according to the size. Pellet: 1 (180 g approx.) to 3 full glasses (540 g approx.) x plant, according to the size

FREQUENCY: Pelleted: every 3 months | Water soluble: every 15-20 days

COMPOSITION, USE AND DOSAGE: download here the pdf
CYACASANA TECHNICAL SHEET: download here the pdf

- box g 250 + g 500
- box kg 1 + kg 2

Powder mix + pellet
The first and most imitated!!!

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