VERDE SCURO - Liquid Formulation

Nitrogen fertilizer solution N16,5 + Fe-B microelements

The energy boost with immediate effect

FEATURES: Fertilizer with the particular property of quickly and consistently supplying nutrients to the lawns of grasses through the foliar apparatus, capable of solving various problems or giving further benefits.

HOW TO USE: Dissolve in water and sprinkle.

DOSAGE: 30 ml x 1 liter of water for an area of 10 square meters

FREQUENCY: In lawns already planted: 2-3 interventions during the vegetative period for the rapid recovery of the leaf apparatus damaged by summer fungal attacks (sclerotinia, rhizoctonia) and water shortages.
For new plants and restorations: 1st intervention after the second cut.

COMPOSITION, USE AND DOSAGE: download here the pdf

- 500 g bottle

Foliar fertilization is normally considered to be of assistance when practically the plant, through the roots, cannot feed itself due to particular situations of radical stress or increased consumption. Decades of experience, derived from professional crops, have ascertained in grass meadows the exceptional ability to absorb nitrogen from the leaves. The nitrogen itself is considered a pillar of plant nutrition, in the particular urea form.

Liquid formulation
New foliar
500g for 150sqm

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